Intro to Me and MyOwnWeebly site.

This weebly site is part of a school assignment. *sigh*, i know BORING. But heck it's school ya gotta get through it. I may be a 13 year old 5"10'' underachieving smart kid, but i do it anyway. I'm kind of a strange person, next year i'm going to high school and you know how people always say, "Oh, there's just so many cliques," and yada yada yada, but thats my issue. I'm a jock who took 2nd in city championship, i'm playing football, haven't chosen what position yet but probably tight end, and i'm pretty smart to top that off. Like i mentioned earlier i happen to be an underachiever so i might not have the highest GPA but that's because i don't try. Anyway off to my weebly site. I'm just gonna from time to time come here post school projects, maybe even blog about stuff when i'm angry but ya never know. So peace and enjoy the site.